The Editorial Board establishes the following preliminary criteria for academic texts to be published in Studia Bobolanum:

  1. Only original texts are accepted. The texts should have the form of academic articles.
  2. Only articles that have not previously been published or are currently not sent to another magazine can be submitted for publication.
  3. The subject matter of the article should be consistent with the stated profile of the journal. It should contain a creative explanation of the research problem, present a review of relevant research in the field and include a bibliography. The text should be stylistically and grammatically correct. 
  4. Texts that do not comply with the editorial standards stated on the website of the journal in the “For Authors” tab (Publishing Requirements, Footnotes and Bibliography, Quotations & Manners of Quoting) will be rejected.
  5. Texts that infringe intellectual property rights (plagiarism) or that re-use the author’s own work without attribution (auto-plagiarism) will be rejected.
  6. The Editors do not publish journalistic material.
  7. Texts should be submitted via email to the following e-mail address of the Editorial Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and should include a completed and signed license contract and the author's declaration, as well as the ORCID identifier.
  8. The detailed regulations as to the reviewing of submitted texts have been included in the Reviewing tab. Material accepted for publication undergoes editing as well as language and technical correction. The Editorial Board are entitled to implement changes in titles and to introduce editorial corrections in accordance with the journal's standards. Submissions will not be returned to the authors.